Increase of Summer Car Accidents

Increase of Summer Car Accidents

Summer driving in Arizona is more dangerous. More drivers on the road lead to more car accidents. Students out of school, traveling, and summer parties lead to more dangerous driving. Knowing more about why these accidents happen can help drivers stay safe on their summer road trips.

Increased Traffic Congestion and Teen Drivers

More teenagers are on the road during school breaks, leading to more road congestion during the summer months. This surge also means an increase in newer drivers, including new teen drivers, navigating the roads. Emphasizing safe driving habits is essential for them.

Safe Driving Habits for Teen Drivers

  • Limiting Passengers: Teen drivers should limit the amount of passengers they have in their cars. Fewer people mean they can keep their focus on the road.
  • Cellphone Usage: Remind teenagers to keep their phones out of reach while driving. Use the hands-free option instead. Using their phone while driving can cause fatal accidents. This includes texting, checking social media, recording videos, or other distracting activities.
  • Volume Control: Tell teen drivers to keep music volume low so they can hear dangers and react quickly.

Road Trips Can Lead to Drowsy Driving

Imagine hopping into an RV with your family and going on a road trip from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. Summer is a great time to hit the road and take a road trip out west. However, it comes with some risky driving situations. Long road trips can lead to drowsy driving.

Before you head out, plan your trip and your stops to allow plenty of time to rest and recharge before the next leg of your drive. Plan to stop every two hours or every 100 miles to stretch, wake up your body, and freshen up. If you’re feeling drowsy while driving, pull over to a safe rest area and take a nap or switch drivers.

How Does Distracted Driving Contribute to Accidents in Congested Traffic?

Road congestion worsens distracted driving issues, particularly in stop-and-go traffic scenarios. Cell phone usage significantly increases the risk of accidents in congested traffic. Drivers not paying attention in traffic may accidentally crash into the back of another car or hit nearby vehicles. Here’s how:

  • Smartphone usage while driving, such as texting or browsing.
  • Failing to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them.
  • Ignoring traffic signals or sudden changes in traffic flow.

Risks during Summer Celebrations: Driving Under the Influence

Car crashes happen more often during summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. People consider this time the most dangerous for driving. That’s because drunk driving happens more often during summer parties.

Here are some important points to remember:

More Accidents in Summer: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there are more car crashes, especially for teens.

Ride Share App or Designated Drivers: If people drink at parties, always have someone who hasn’t been drinking to drive. The best option is to have a safe ride home from a ride-sharing service like UBER or Lyft. This helps prevent drunk-driving accidents.

Drowsy Driving Risk: Driving when tired is also dangerous, especially at night.

Stay safe: If you see someone driving while tired or under the influence, doing things like swerving between lanes, report it to the police. This will help prevent accidents.

Do your part to keep the roads safe this summer when there are more social gatherings and events.

What are the Potential Hazards for Drivers in Construction Zones During the Summertime?

Road construction work increases during the summer, but it can create more dangers for drivers. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Reduced Speed Limits: Construction zones often have lower speed limits to keep drivers and workers safe. However, sudden speed changes can catch drivers off guard, leading to rear-end collisions or traffic jams.
  • Lane Closures: Construction often requires closing lanes, forcing traffic to merge into fewer lanes. Merging can be chaotic, leading to more sideswipe accidents.
  • Uneven Surfaces: Road surfaces in construction areas might be irregular because of asphalt fixes or patches of gravel. Uneven roads can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, especially at higher speeds.
  • Changing Traffic Patterns: Construction zones may have temporary traffic patterns that differ from normal road configurations. Drivers need to pay extra attention to signs and markings to navigate these changes safely.

Post-Accident Measures

Here’s what to do right after a car accident:

  • Move your car to safety, and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Contact emergency services.
  • Check if you or anyone involved has suffered any injuries.
  • Swap contact details and insurance information of all parties involved and witnesses.
  • Take pictures of your car and the accident scene.
  • Do not accept any blame or fault.
  • Contact a car accident attorney right away.
  • Visit the emergency room or a doctor to get a check-up.

Contact Esquire Law After a Summer Car Accident

Call Esquire Law if you have been injured in a car accident. Our car accident lawyers will handle the legal process so you can focus on healing from your injuries. They will fight on your behalf to get you the maximum amount of money you deserve after a car accident.

Our personal injury attorneys are advocates for motor vehicle accident victims during the summer and year-round. Contact us for a free case evaluation today. Then, you can begin on your path to recovery.

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