Increase of Summer Car Accidents

Increase of Summer Car Accidents

When summertime comes around, there are more drivers on the road which leads to a higher risk of summer car accidents in Arizona. Other than the increase of traffic on the road, there are so many other reasons that car accidents happen more often in the summer season. Running through the ways summer car accidents can happen in Arizona will benefit drivers on the road to know what to be aware of. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA*, 29% more people die from car crashes in the summer compared to winter.

Traffic Congestion and Teen Drivers

With schools being out there is more traffic on the roadways. Traffic will be more congested throughout the day instead of at specific hours during the year. New teen drivers will be out on the road more often. It is important to remind your teen drivers to practice safe driving habits. Those habits include limiting the number of passengers, putting away their cellphone, and not blasting the music too loud.

With traffic congestion, many drivers will fall victim to distracted driving habits. In stop-and-go traffic, drivers can be tempted to pull out their smartphones and send texts or check social media. This is a big cause of many accidents on busy roadways. If you aren’t paying attention and going with the flow of traffic, you will either hit the car in front of you or someone will rear-end you.

Road Construction and Weather

During the summer months, it is the best time of the year for road construction as weather like rain, isn’t slowing down the process! However, Arizona summer weather is no stranger to the excessive heat. This can heavily affect vehicles and drivers. Make sure you check your A/C is working properly before traveling during the hot days of summer. Road rage is more prone to happening when excessive heat takes over.

When going on road trips, it is important to know the roads you will be driving on to avoid any types of confusion. Road construction can cause the flow of traffic to be different than the normal flow. In construction stretches of road, you should slow down and be very mindful of the workers. Avoiding a summer car accident in construction zones on the road is very necessary because the workers are all also at risk to be injured.

Impaired and Drowsy Driving

100 Deadliest Days of Summer occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. These days are when the most car accidents occur, typically affecting more teen drivers. But it is important not to forget that during this time, there are a lot of drunk driving car accidents that take place. While summertime is the best time to enjoy holiday parties and hang out poolside if you partake in alcohol you should assign a designated driver.

Driving impaired isn’t the only risk to be mindful of at nighttime. Drowsy driving can cause a lot of car accidents at night. If you see a car drifting lanes, you should put extra distance between you and that vehicle and report it to the highway safety patrol. Drowsy driving and driving under the influence can look very similar.

After a Summer Car Accident

After experiencing a summer car accident in Arizona, you should seek legal advice and representation from our Esquire Law attorneys. Our car accident lawyers will know exactly how to assist you with your car accident case. Being a victim of a car accident is never easy, but the easiest thing is letting our attorneys handle all the hard parts while you focus on your personal injuries.

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