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Any motor vehicle collision can cause serious injury and property damage, but there’s nothing quite like the impact of a semi-truck’s sheer size. If you’re one of those who have managed to survive this unfortunate event, your way of life may never be the same. If you have sustained a permanent disability because of the collision, you might consider hiring a truck accident lawyer to advocate for justice for you.

If you’re in Arizona or Utah, why not consider Esquire Law? Taking on a personal injury case after being involved in a horrific accident can be overwhelming. Our team focuses on helping victims of truck accidents hold the appropriate party responsible and advocate for adequate compensation from the relevant insurance providers.

Discover how Esquire Law can help you deal with the aftermath of a life-changing accident. Let our attorneys take care of the complex legal process, doing everything possible to either settle your case or win in court. Schedule a consultation, whether you need a commercial vehicle accident lawyer in Arizona or Utah!

Why Choose a Professional Truck Accident Attorney?

Not all lawyers have spent a lot of time wrestling with the complexities of personal injury cases involving semi-truck accidents. If you’d like a professional who won’t key details in your case, hiring an attorney with knowledge and experience in this niche would be advised.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a normal motorist focuses on whether their actions prove negligent against traffic laws. However, drivers of commercial trucks not only have to abide by the rules of the road but also face strict industry regulations at the state and federal levels. In the case of an accident, it is potentially a more robust case if there’s been a failure to comply with any of these trucking regulations.

The trucking company is responsible for their misconduct. However, it can be challenging to represent yourself in a personal injury case where insurance providers (who may represent the trucking organization) use intimidation tactics to punt the lowest offer. With a big rig accident attorney on your side, it’s a lot easier.

At Esquire Law, we understand the expectations that trucking companies set for their drivers and aren’t afraid to fight for you if a driver fails to comply. Our truck accident lawyer will have all they need to dive into accident investigations and gather evidence to support your claim.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

As a leading tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Utah and Arizona, the events happen in various ways. For some accidents, an individual driver is at fault. In others, the fault lies with another vehicle on the road or the truck’s manufacturer.

We represent clients in tractor-trailer crashes such as those mentioned below. We also acknowledge that no matter what causes the accident, these facts do not diminish your suffering.

  • Driver fatigue: Truck drivers work long hours, which is why the industry has strict rules regarding hours of service. A driver who is tired and at the wheel can lose their focus, which can have dire consequences.
  • Driving under the influence: Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle after consuming alcohol can impair the ability to drive. Truck drivers working while under the influence violate both industry regulations and the nation’s laws.
  • Reckless driving: The driver of the tractor-trailer could go above the speed limit or endanger other road users with their reckless, aggressive driving style. Other drivers may also make reckless decisions, causing the truck driver to react and collide with others.
  • Distracted driving: A truck driver may take their eyes off the road while using a phone, eating, or adjusting the radio. Distractions cause accidents.
  • Defective parts: Did a mechanical failure with any part of the rig cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle? Operators should perform mandatory safety inspections to prevent accidents.
  • Improper loading: Freight carriers may load their truck incorrectly. The weight instability may cause a crash.

The case could also look at inclement weather, as certain conditions bring poor visibility and slick roads, making tractor-trailers harder to navigate.

What If The Truck Driver is Negligent?

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study analyzing truck crashes, around 87% of crashes nationwide occur because of some type of driver negligence. Truck accident lawyers aim to hold these drivers and their carriers responsible, seeking justice for you.

If you suspect that negligence has caused your accident, contact Esquire Law to review the details of your case and learn more.

The Impact of Truck Accidents

Surviving a tractor-trailer collision has a lasting impact on the victims and their families. The sheer size of commercial vehicles may cause immense property damage. If it isn’t fatal, the force of colliding with a truck also leads to severe injuries.

What does the physical toll of surviving a trucking accident look like in injury terms?

  • Bone fractures: Bones break under the force of a semi-truck. Healing from bone fractures can take weeks or months, while severe injuries may even lead to amputation or permanent disability.
  • Internal organ damage: Crush injuries from truck accidents usually cause internal organ damage that requires surgery to fix.
  • Soft-tissue damage: Flesh wounds and lacerations are likely when you’re involved in a trucking accident. Any damage to your soft tissue may require stitches, among other medical treatments.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: TBIs are the leading injury people face after a truck accident, as they have a severe impact on their ability to recall memories and cause extreme physical and emotional distress.

In the aftermath of these events, you need a tractor-trailer accident lawyer who looks beyond your physical injuries to all the lasting effects of the incident. Did you lose your ability to return to work because of a permanent disability after the crash? Is there post-traumatic stress disorder eroding your quality of life?

Where families lose their loved ones in a trucking accident, Esquire Law fully understands that these devastating accidents take a lot out of the loved ones left behind. We support you in your heartbreak by building robust cases. Holding the appropriate parties accountable provides a better chance of finding closure.

Legal Challenges in Truck Accident Cases

Filing a personal injury claim following a minor fender bender and representing yourself isn’t as complex as a lawsuit after a trucking accident. Will the trucking company’s insurers compensate you enough for all of your medical expenses and suffering? A commercial vehicle accident lawyer could help you negotiate a fairer settlement.

Building these cases with a seasoned truck accident legal team also makes it easier to get to the bottom of who is potentially liable. These attorneys offer you guidance about what to do or what to avoid. You’ll also have support in handling insurance company meetings, which should never happen without your lawyer present!

Statute of Limitations on Truck Accident Personal Injuries

Arizona and Utah laws place a time limit (a statute of limitations) on filing a personal injury case for a trucking accident.

  • Victims in Arizona have a two-year period to file a lawsuit.
  • Victims in Utah have a four-year window for filing a case.

Consulting Esquire Law immediately after your accident can help you keep up with these deadlines and get your case off the ground.

How the Courts Determine Liability in Trucking Incidents

Typically, truck accident cases come down to which party was negligent. To what degree is each of the parties responsible? Information that could influence this weighted assessment includes the following:

  • Witness statements
  • Police report details
  • Photos and video footage of the accident from different angles

How Your Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Trying to fight a trucking insurance company on your own can be incredibly taxing and still not yield what you hope for. Let a knowledgeable semi-truck accident attorney from Esquire Law take charge for a strong case that includes the following evidence and more:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Surveillance footage
  • Photos from the accident

Our legal team has the resources and knowledge to gather these pieces of evidence and use them when negotiating with insurance companies. We don’t settle for that lowball offer, and you shouldn’t have to, either. If the insurance company refuses to settle, we’ll maintain our approach in court and let a judge and jury decide the verdict.

While the judicial process can be daunting for anyone unfamiliar with court proceedings, you can count on Esquire Law’s professional lawyers to handle litigation on your behalf during this difficult period.

Compensation for Truck Accident Victims

As the victim of a semi-truck collision, you have a right to financial compensation. We typically seek justice for our clients with the following three types of damages, either in settlement negotiations or in court:

Economic Damages

If you’re lucky enough to walk away from a tractor-trailer collision, you’ll likely have significant medical expenses to treat your injuries. Economic damages cover the exact amount of money that you must pay to receive medical care, including rehabilitation, medication, and your transportation costs. It also includes property damages and any wages you lose.

For example, if you incur $50,000 in medical expenses, $10,000 in lost wages, and $25,000 in property damage to your vehicle, the total payout you might receive in economic damages could equal around $85,000. To help your case, keep all bills and receipts after a crash so that you and your lawyer can see whether they can go toward a claim for economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Money for the damages above won’t make up for the pain and suffering you’ve endured, so your truck accident lawyer may also advocate for additional funds. These non-economic damages might cover the severity of your injuries and the way they impact your quality of life. Victims who endure serious injuries or face a permanent disability because of a crash may receive more.

A compassionate attorney will argue on your behalf for the insurance company to pay you a reasonable amount for the physical and emotional toll of being in an accident.

Punitive Damages

Typically, both economic and non-economic damages come from the insurance company representing the trucking organization. However, punitive damages will come from the liable party, such as the driver or their employer.

Lawyers argue for the at-fault party to pay punitive damages to represent a penalty for their misconduct or negligence. For example, if a truck hits you and the case evidence finds the driver was under the influence, your legal team can request that the driver pay a fee to deter them from repeating those behaviors and putting others in harm’s way.

Choosing the Right Truck Accident Lawyer

Finding a suitable lawyer to represent you may impact your case in various ways. If you’ve survived an accident with a truck, it’s important to hire an attorney who focuses on truck accident cases and has years of relevant legal experience. A law firm with a proven record of success in settling cases for larger sums is also helpful. Reach out to Esquire Law. Our truck accident lawyers will seek justice for you and help you receive what you need to heal and move forward after your ordeal. Typically, we

will operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you won’t owe us a penny in legal fees unless we win your case or achieve a settlement for you in Arizona or Utah.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading truck collision lawyer in Utah and Arizona, our firm receives a lot of inquiries about personal injury cases involving truck accidents. Discover the answers to popular questions below.

What Should You Do if You’re Involved in a Truck Accident?

If you’re involved in a truck accident, call 911 and seek immediate medical help. If possible:

– Stay at the scene and document the wreckage of the crash.
– Document any visible injuries you have.
– Don’t disclose too much information after the crash, such as posting photos on social media.
– Try not to speak with the authorities without a lawyer present.

After you receive medical treatment, contact a personal injury attorney to oversee your case.

Who Might Be Liable in a Truck Accident Case?

A truck accident lawyer can find several parties liable in your case, including the driver, their employer, or even the company that owns or leases the truck. Other parties that may be responsible include maintenance companies, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, and distributors that load the truck.

Will My Truck Accident Case Go to Trial?

Many cases reach a settlement out of court but will go to trial if the insurance company doesn’t agree to pay the amount your lawyer proposes. Your legal team will guide you through the court proceedings if your case does go to trial.

Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer From an Insurance Company?

No, it’s typically unwise to accept the first settlement offer from an insurance company following an accident. Their initial offer likely won’t be fair compensation for your losses, especially if a lawyer can prove negligence in the case. Hire a personal injury attorney to negotiate with the insurance provider and advocate for you.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

Every truck accident case is worth a unique amount. Economic damages all depend on a victim’s specific losses after an accident while non-economic damages are harder to put a value on. A personal injury lawyer can explain the potential payouts you can expect and how filing a lawsuit can take you there.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in Utah or Arizona

Recovering from a collision with a tractor-trailer can take several months or leave you with a permanent disability. Don’t let the at-fault parties avoid responsibility for the crash or downplay what it costs you. Esquire Law’s dedicated team can ensure that you have a fair shot at financial compensation when you sustain injuries in a crash in Utah and Arizona.

We understand the challenges of these cases and how both Utah and Arizona laws might impact your proceedings. You won’t have to worry about taking on insurance companies and other liable parties on your own when you hire one of our competent truck accident lawyers.

Why not reach out to Esquire Law today to discuss your case with our truck accident lawyer? We have offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, plus Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, and we’re always available when you contact us via web chat. To speak with one of our team members and schedule a free case evaluation, call Esquire Law at (602) 654-2950 today!