Case Types

Esquire Law Firm provides legal representation to injury victims in various types of personal injury cases. Our team of personal injury lawyers represents clients in Phoenix and Tucson, and the entire state of Arizona, as well as Salt Lake City, and the state of Utah for their car accident and personal injury cases.

The limited information about how personal injury cases work leaves many victims thinking they are stuck with a small amount of money offered to them by the insurance company. They might not know they are entitled to a larger settlement amount from the negligent party for their injuries. 

Your physical recovery should be your top priority after being involved in a personal injury accident. Our Arizona personal injury lawyers will take on the financial burden as they fight for maximum compensation from the insurance company! Our services are free unless we win money for you.

Once you speak with an Esquire Law Firm injury lawyer, they will advise you on the compensation you are entitled to for medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and pain and suffering. Here are some examples of types of personal injury cases we handle in Phoenix, Tucson, the entire state of Arizona, Salt Lake City, and the state of Utah. Call or chat with us now to find out the value of your case!

Car Accident Lawyer
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Slip and Fall Lawyer
Truck Accident Lawyer
Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Birth Injury Lawyer
Boating Accident Lawyer
Brain Injury Lawyer
Dog Bite Lawyer
Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer