How Does Speeding Influence Arizona Car Accidents

How Does Speeding Influence Arizona Car Accidents

Speeding is one of the major causes of Arizona car accidents. There are many reasons why drivers feel the need to speed, such as running late, road rage, and trying to get around traffic. Driving above the speed limit and performing hazardous actions like being distracted while driving or being under the influence will always lead to a higher risk of fatal accidents.

Speeding Arizona Car Accidents & Hazardous Combinations

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 29% of all vehicle accidents in 2020 that led to fatalities were caused by speeding. When drivers are going at a higher speed, it increases the chances of losing control of the vehicle, stopping time is decreased drastically, and more severe injuries are more likely. 

  • When speeding through traffic, weaving in and out of lanes at high speeds can lead to Arizona drivers losing control of their vehicle. Roll-over accidents can occur from this type of driving habit. Running late should never prompt drivers to speed to their destination; driving the speed limit is safer.
  • Having enough time to react to traffic changes is important when trying to avoid a potential Arizona car accident. If sudden stops happen and a driver is speeding, there is more of a chance that the driver will hit the car in front of them than have enough time to stop.
  • Speeding accidents lead to more severe injuries because vehicle safety features can work against the passengers. Airbags are meant to prevent passengers from suffering from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. But when traveling at higher speeds, the airbags can actually do more damage.
  • When you mix weather and speeding, their crash risk is also higher. Hydroplaning is more likely to happen when driving too fast and can lead to loss of traction with the tires. But losing control of the car is also bound to happen when driving through a rain storm. If it is raining heavily, vision can also be negatively affected, especially when speeding. 

Even non-speeding cars can be involved in an Arizona car accident if they go way slower than the speed limit. Drivers going slower than the posted speed limit around speeding drivers can find themselves equally as likely to crash.

Damages From Speeding Car Accidents

Seeking compensation after a speeding car accident in Arizona for any damages and injuries is fully the right of the victims involved. Since the severity of injuries increases in a speeding auto accident, the cost to treat those injuries also increases. When you contact one of our Esquire Law Firm car accident lawyers, you can feel confident that your Arizona car accident claim will be handled properly. Seeking medical treatment should be the main priority after a speed-related car accident and allowing our car accident attorneys to handle the stressful situation with the insurance companies. 

Severe whiplash is one of the injuries that will cause damage to the brain, skull, neck, and spinal cord. Car crashes that come full stop after speeding, the jarring experience can also send a passenger’s head into the window, steering wheel, dashboard, or any other hard surface. After an accident, seeking medical attention should be on the top of your list as a victim. Medical bills, treatment, and any future medical costs can all be compensated by the at-fault party’s insurance company.

The likelihood of a wrongful death occurring in a speed-relating crash is higher than in other types of accidents. In the case of wrongful death, the victim’s family can receive compensation for their damages. Damages like the loss of a loved one, funeral costs, and any potential medical bills can be claimed for a settlement. 

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