The Most Dangerous Roads & Intersections in Phoenix

The Most Dangerous Roads & Intersections in Phoenix

People know Phoenix, Arizona, for its stunning desert landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm weather. Unfortunately, car accidents are an all too common occurrence. Many accidents occur because of the high number of cars on city roads. Staying vigilant and practicing safe driving habits are essential for navigating the most dangerous roads in Phoenix safely amid the bustling traffic.

The 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, has a bustling road network, but not all routes offer the same level of safety. Some roads and highways in the city have earned a bad reputation for their high accident rates. Some of the most dangerous roads in Phoenix, AZ include:

1. Interstate 10 (I-10)

This dangerous highway in southern Arizona is over 400 miles long and runs from Phoenix to Tucson. People know it is hazardous because there are no guardrails or center barriers along a 150-mile section.

2. U.S. Route 60 (U.S. 60)

This road in Arizona has sharp turns and narrow parts. It leads to New Mexico and the East Coast. These features make it risky for fast accidents.

3. Interstate 17 (I-17)

I-17, known as the Black Canyon Freeway, connects Phoenix and Flagstaff and frequently experiences heavy traffic and numerous accidents. The highway’s significant elevation changes, especially during adverse weather, contribute to its danger.

4. 43rd Avenue

In 2019, a study found that 43rd Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona is the most dangerous road in the state. This is particularly true for the section of the road that lies between Lamar Road and McDowell Road.

5. Indian School Road

Indian School Road in Phoenix is approximately 40 miles long. It has dangerous sections between 53rd Ave and 91st Ave. Additionally, there are dangerous sections between 30th and 3rd Street.

The 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix

Driving in Phoenix can be challenging at certain intersections. This is because of the complex traffic patterns and confusing roads. As a result, it can lead to fatal crashes.

Some intersections in the Phoenix area that pose a significant risk include:

  1. Phoenix’s 67th Ave & McDowell Rd
  2. 75th Ave & Indian School Rd, also in Phoenix
  3. The intersection of 67th Ave & Indian School Rd in Phoenix
  4. Phoenix’s 75th Ave & McDowell Rd
  5. 27th Ave & Camelback Rd located in Phoenix
  6. 43rd Ave & Bethany Home Rd, situated on the border of Phoenix/Glendale
  7. 35th Ave & Glendale Ave in Phoenix
  8. The Phoenix/Glendale border’s 51st Ave & Camelback Rd
  9. 51st Ave & McDowell Rd, found in Phoenix
  10. Phoenix’s 43rd Ave & Thomas Rd

5 Ways a Road or Intersection Can Be Dangerous

Specific roads and highways can be accident-prone because of construction and environmental factors. Some of these factors include:

Dangerous Slopes and Inclines

Inclines, especially on highways, can be perilous for heavy trucks and may affect visibility and traction for smaller vehicles.

Low Visibility

Limited visibility, especially at highway speeds, significantly increases the risk of collisions.

Dangerous Curves

Roads with sharp turns and curves, especially when exceeding the speed limit, pose a significant risk of losing control.

Inadequate Lighting

Roads with poor lighting can become extremely dangerous at night, further limiting visibility.

Confusing Layouts and Signage

Confusing intersections with unclear signs can cause accidents, so it’s important to emphasize the importance of defensive driving skills.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Phoenix

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident in the Phoenix area, there are several crucial steps to take:

1. Call 911

Call emergency services to report the accident. Wait for the police to come, they will secure the scene and make a report.

2. Gather Information

If it’s safe, get the other driver’s contact details and any witnesses. Take photographs of skid marks, vehicle damage, visible injuries, nearby cameras, weather conditions, and any road signs and signals.

3. Seek Medical Attention

Receiving a medical evaluation at a hospital is crucial, even if you feel fine. Motor vehicle accidents can result in hidden or delayed injuries that require diagnosis to prevent complications. Medical attention also creates a documented record of your injuries, supporting a potential claim.

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